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Band #: ARPU 59343/18

Band #: ARPU 59347/18

Band #: ARPU 59535/18

Band #: BELG 1043556/17

Band #: BELG 1506699/12
Sapin Import

Band #: BELG 4070940/18

Band #: BELG 6024236/18

Band #: BELG 4306256/12
Ludo Claessens Import hen

Band #: NL-1890608/11
"Pure" imported from Wout Spierings. Parents direct Ludo Claessens. Inbred to Ludo's base pigeons "Supercrack 69" and "Late Donkere". Her mother produced winners and is a direct daughter of "Supercrack 69" and "Golden White".

Band #: ALVA 1429/12
Beautiful daughter "Kleintje-10" and "925" "Daughter Klein Blau 33". 1429 bred a Quailfied Youngbird ace in her first breeding year ALVA 13 1740 flown by Randal Berky races include 1st vs. 88 bds U-ten @ 94 mi , 3rd vs. 997 bds GHC S Sec @ 219 mi and 9th VS 1046 bds GHC S Sec @ 316 mi etc...

Band #: B-4327198/10
Daughter Klein Blauw 33 Super breeding hen mother of multiple winners for Ludo. She was said to have been "Probably the best breeding hen ever sold on PIPA". Ludo's best lines Supervedette, Jonge Supercrack, Supercrack 69.

Band #: B-4338387/09
"Young Bliksem" parents direct from Ludo Claessens. Father is "Last Brother Super Vedette". "Super Vedette" 1st Nat Orleans 9,096, a son of "Jonge Supercrack" a super racer and breeder for Ludo, who is a son of base cock "Supercrack 69". "YB" is grand dam of 1st Florida federation winner winner and qualified AU Ace pigeons.

Band #: 09 BELG 4150213
"Little Lichte" Parents direct from Ludo Claessens Mother nest sister "Super 50" hen from top racers and breeders "Kleintje 22 x "Blauw 92". "Jonge Supercrack" both sides pedigree that includes the base cocks "Supercrack 69" and "Late Donkere".

Band #: 10 BELG 4005925
Parents direct from Ludo Claessens. Daughter Klein Blauw 33 who is also mother of Kleintje 22 super racer 7x1 and breeder. Klein Blauw 33 is wonder breeding hen. Lines of Mr. Tours, Supercrack 69, Simply The Best

Band #: 07 BELG 4085190
"Claessen 190" Imported 100% Ludo Claessens bred by Roger Debusschere Belgium. Parents are direct from Claessens' older bloodlines "Zwarte Zav", "Zus Red Arrow", "Grote", "Bliksem".

Band #: ALVA 1180/11
Daughter Dreaming 44 and 190, Straight Claessens, dam to 2nd (equal 1st) Florida Federation ALVA 1463/12 BCHE C, 71 lofts 1461 birds

Band #: BELG 1147874/15
Bred by Michaux Francois from outstanding lines of De Roeck Base pair "Le Daems x La Vanneno"

Band #: BELG 9013166/11
DeRoeck Import Hen, Daughter "As Du Rhone" who us a brother to "Kiley" 1st Nat Montielmar and our "Lucky 114"

Band #: BELG 2001971/14
Bred and selected for ALvarez Lofts by Paul Huls. Lines to Monnik , De Wonder Flor, and Aline.

Band #: 10 BELG 5014981
"Tommeke Orleans" Parents are a super pair who have bred at least 5x1. Father is the line of "Black Jack" 1st Olympic Belgium All-Round '07 and "Orleanske" fastest of 12,871. Mother is a daughter of "Den Tom" 16x1 and "Daughter Bom". "Bom" was 11x1.

Band #: ARPU 59597/18

Band #: ARPU 85838/12
Daughter "1179" 1st Concourse Champion bird and 1st at 280 mi x "Het slim" 2x's 1st & Ace pigeon. Half sister to 9th AU YB Ace pigeon 2013. Dam to 2014 Qualified Middle Distance Ace "THP 4325/13" 4th vs 659 @ 340 mi, 8th vs 468 @ 238 mi etc...

Band #: ARPU 85850/12
3/9/13 1st club 512 birds, Concourse 961 birds and Florida Federation 1267 birds 400 miles. Super Hen rich in Rondags blood, she came with another Alvarez pigeon 10 minutes ahead of club, 5 minutes ahead of Concourse and 3 minutes ahead of Federation flying at 406 miles! Rondags line.

Band #: ARPU 87567/12
Daughter "Frans" and "677"

Band #: ALVA 1457/12
Daughter "De Witkop" and Huls 981 Super fine Rondags hen!

Band #: B-5043266/12
"266" BCH from Frans Rondags. Sire is "Son Ludo" which is from "Ludo" when paired to "Daughter Musketier 3". "Ludo" bred winners with different hens. His brother was 1st Olympiade, and they are sons of 1st National Argenton. The dam of "266" is "Daughter Speedy". Her sire is "De Sterken" of Karel Broeckx and the 4x1 and foundation breeder "Speedy Girl".

Band #: B-5043290/12
"290" BBH from Frans Rondags is from "Son Lewis" and "Daughter Speedy". "Lewis" was 9x1st from "Son Speedy" from "Den Bom" 11x1st and 4x1 and foundation hen "Speedy Girl". "Son Lewis" was paired to the super breeding hen "Goudklompje" who is a sister of "Ludo", our "Frans" and other top birds. Dam of "290" is "Daughter Speedy" who Rondags said is a "super breeding hen." Her sire is "De Sterken" from Karel Broeckx paired to "Speedy Girl". "290" is a full Sister to "First Lady" 2nd Nat ace bird SMD KBDB 2013 1. Prov. ace bird SMD KBDB 2013 1st Marne 969 bds etc... 8x 1st prize winner

Band #: ALVA- 611/09
Daughter of "Frans" and "Het Slim". Mother to Overall THP Champion Bird 2013 and qualified middle, Long and all distance ace, 1st Florida Federation against 1267 and qualified Middle Distance ace, Aunt to 1st Overall Champion YB GTBRPC 2011. "611" is mother to to the 9TH AU NATIONAL YOUNGBIRD ACE in 2013. With the following race record 1st vs 635 bds 29 lofts 11/19/2013 All TampaRPC, 3rd vs 673 bds,29 lofts 11/09/2013 All TampaRPC, 3rd vs 618 bds, 28lofts 11/03/2013 All TampaRPC, 3rd vs 221 bds 23lofts 12/16/2013 All TampaRPC.

Band #: ALVA-677/09
Beautiful hen, full sister to super breeder THP 2230/09. Dam to ALVA 1026/11 AND ALVA 1027/11

Band #: ALVAREZ 2015/14

Band #: ALVAREZ 2988/16

Band #: ALVAREZ 3433/17

Band #: ARPU 59303/18

Band #: BELG-5043233/12
Imported from the lofts of Gert and Frans Rondags. 63 1st's 2013

Band #: BELG-5145766/11
Sister to "First Lady" 2. Nat ace bird SMD KBDB 2013 1. Prov. ace bird SMD KBDB 2013 1st Marne 969 bds Sister Firts Lady 8x 1st prize winner

Band #: FLA 3587/10
This beautiful hen is mother to (among-st others) Quailfied Middle Distance Ace pigeon; ALVA 1718/13; 1st club vs 448 bds, 1st Concourse vs 1043 bds, 1st Florida Federation vs 1306 bds @ 181 mi, 2nd THP club vs 453 bds, 19 vs Concourse vs 919 bds, 21 Federation vs 1177 bds @ 340 mi, 6th club vs 363 bds, 9th Concourse vs 644 bds, 10th Federation vs 829 bds @ 407 mi. She is a daughter of Rondags breeding sensation "Frans" and Jessica who was 3x's 1st and AU Reserve Hall of Fame Res. Champ. Super Performance Breeding!

Band #: JEDDS 16803/16

Band #: JEDDS 21309/15

Band #: BELG 5124129/10
Beautiful Rondags Import hen with lines to Tom 16x'1st and a grand daughter to De Bom 11x's 1st

Band #: BELG 2192196/13
Direct Frans and Gert Rondags with the lines of "Den Tom", De Figo and Kanniball.

Band #: THP 2284/09
Daughter of "De Witkop" and mother of 1st Florida Federation 2014 Oldbirds ALVA 1941/13; races include but not limited to 1st vs 659 bds Florida Federation @ 316 mi, 3rd GHC OB reg race vs 1583 @ 316 mi, 23rd vs 592 bds GHC S SEC @ 408 miles.

Band #: ALVA 1019/11
Daughter foundation "De Witkop" X best hen "611". Raced through 500 including 12th against 1545 birds 01/23/2012 GHC. Rondags line.

Band #: BELG 2144812/14
Beautiful Import hen bred by Louis Ceyssens. Inbred to "118" @nd National Asduif KBDB 2012, 1st Provincial Asduif 2012. Bred to lines of "The Bom" 11xs 1st

Band #: BELG 2144885-14
Import bred by Louis Ceyssens. Bred to lines of "The Bom" 11xs 1st

Band #: B- 6196410/12
"410" BBH direct from Hok Jos Vercammen. She is from "Tesco" and "Anouk". "Tesco" is the father of sveral top racers such as "LI Na" 1st Limoges, 11th Interprovincial Blois 3,589, 29th National Z. Argenton 7,132. "Tesco" is from the super racer and breeder "Beckham" and "Luna" another super racer and breeder. The dam of "410" is also the mother of "Shakira", "Paulo", "Latina", and "Shadow", and she is from the new hit pair "Eletro" and "Gloria".

Band #: B- 6196511
"511" Dark Hen direct from Hok Jos Vercammen. Sire is "Lukaku" also father of "Polar" 1st Provincial, 1st National Z. 3,448, and 7th Overall National 10,251 from Tulle. "Lukaku" is also a brother of "Jonge Panter" 2nd fastest Bourges 64,621 to his loft mate "Aladdin". The dam is "Safina" mother of top racers. She is from "Leeuw" 1St Ace Antwerp Union, 8th National Ace, and 6x1st when paired with "485" a good racer and better breeding hen. Mother of winner and a 5th Ace Antwerp Union.

Band #: BELG 6026462/13
Imported from Hok Jos Vercammen Daughter of "Roberto" x "Melody"

Band #: BELG 6026541/13
Hok Jos Vercammen Import daughter of "Tristo" and "cutie". Half sister to new Vercammen racing sensation "Mustang"!

Band #: BELG 6085398/14
Bred and selected by our good friend Jelle Roziers.

Band #: BELG 6086117/14
Bred and selected by our good friend Jelle Roziers.

Band #: ALVA 1630/13
Top race hen in 2013 YBs, Qualified Youngbird Ace! Races include but not limited to 1st Tampa Bay Concourse vs. 857 bds @ 281 miles, 2nd Tampa Bay Concourse vs 763 bds @ 336 mi. Finished 7th Councourse Champion bird. Daughter Of Loockx "314" and Daems breeding hen "1000"

Band #: BELG 3113576/13
Eric Vermander Import, Grand daughter of "Romario" 11th National Dax

Band #: BELG 3164125/13
Vermander Import Daughter of "Jonge Romario"

Band #: BELG 3164157/13
Vermander import granddaughter of "Barabas"

Band #: BELG 2313519/14
Hand picked Daughter of Herbot's best breeding cock "Yvan" Absolutely stunning hen!

Band #: BELG 2189752/13
Herbots Import, Inbred to wonder breeder "Yvan"

Band #: BELG 1508663/13
Denis Sapin Import hen

Band #: 08 NL 1926361
"Popeye's Girl" Daughter Hendriks super breeder Popeye father "Favoriet" 1st 26,447, 1st 25,290, 1st 17,437, several oth

Band #: ALVA 1392/12
Greater Tampa Bay Concourse Champion bird, All Tampa Champion bird 2012 YB's. Qualified 9th AU Young bird HOF.

Band #: ALVA 0473/09
"473" Fantastic hen in the hand and racing. 2010 Overall Champion Bird Club and 4th Champion Bird Concourse. 2011 2nd Champion Bird Club, 1st Champion Bird Long Distance, and qualified 12th Nationally AU All Distance Hall of Fame.Flown by Alvarez & Daughters
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