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We have imported top pigeons and 1st place winners, as well as children of National, Olympiade, Provincial, and Ace pigeons from families consisting of generations of winners. We are successful performance lofts racing children of these pigeons, while preferring type and performance over “strain names.”

While not all of the names mentioned below are familiar to fanciers in the USA, they are well known and respected fanciers in Europe. What the bloodlines listed below have in common is that they came from top racing lofts with generations of winners in the bloodlines. We breed key birds in individual sections, and we rotate different hens to the cocks.

Our imports are direct from the following fanciers:
Maurice & Gregory Casaert:  Bloodlines of 1st National winners Nasdaq and Mistral, and top racers/breeders James, Ultra, etc. Excellent cross middle distance. This loft has bred and raced 5 national winners. Maurice & Gregory Casaert
Ludo Claessens:  Best of the best Middle Distance loft. We are breeding from several imported Claessens from lines such as Jonge Supercrack, Supercrack 69, Late Donkere, Bliksem, Favoriet 65, etc. A cock direct from him has a 1st v 26,801! Bloodlines 1st national and 1st provincial against thousands of birds. Ludo Claessens
Guido Loockx:  Birds inbred to the foundation of the loft, Pantani 1st National Bourges, Olympic Pigeon, Provincial winner. Lines to Daems and Son pigeons, which are an important part of our old base family. Guido Loockx
Luc De Roeck:  A brother and a son of Kiley 1st National 8,538 Montelimar. The father is the foundation cock of the loft, and is from Daems and Son. The Daems pigeons have been important in our lofts since we imported them in 1991. Luc De Roeck
Frans Rondags:  458 x 1st from 1999-2008! Sprint to one day long distance. Our cock was 5x1, bred a 4x1, nestbrother is 4x1, half brother is 16x1. A winning family from generation to generation. Frans Rondags
Freddy & Jacque Vandenheede:  A top loft in Belgium for over 30 years with winners in provincial and national races. Bloodlines of their winners and key breeders. Freddy & Jacque vandenheede
Hok Jos Vercammen:  1st General Champ Antwerp ’10. Children from the lines of the foundation cock Panter, and from Porto, Barcardi, Deco, Mariska, Sven, and Iron lady. A family winning from 100 to 500 miles in all weather conditions. Hok Jos Vercammen
Old Family:  These pigeons have been blended into our family that is still winning for us. They are Janssen x Van Loon x Emile and Louis Daems x Jan Grondelaers, etc. We are breeding from an AU National Reserve Champion purchased from a good friend. She was a great racer and even better breeder. These pigeons are still breeding top performance pigeons down from our original foundation pigeons. Janssen and Van Loon birds need no introduction. We visited Daems and Grondelaers in Belgium in 1991. The Daems family were at the height of their success in middle distance in provincial and national competition. Their foundation cock was a many times winner and produced excellent grizzles. Our Daems and Grondelaers crossed produced great pigeons that are still breeding very good racers for us.
Old Family
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